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Thanks to all of our loyal visitors & customers! We look forward to serving you!!

Everything's Authentic Here at Sakeenah Bread Company.

America's 1st Black Owned Bread Company

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Muffins & Mini Muffins!
low glycemic.
100% plant based.
Yes...We Care!

Our Super-Food Recipe is:

Low Glycemic (safe for diabetics) and

Gluten Free (Certified)!

We use Coconut Palm Sugar....

and a blend of Ancient Grains Flour.

Just as delicious as our original recipe with an additional guilt-free flair!

The Only Thing Quick About Our Bread is How Fast it Disappears.

Taking Our Sweet Time!


Things seem to move at the speed of light these days.  Rarely do we have time to sit back and enjoy a delightful treat, made from scratch.  


Although classified as a "quick" bread, there's just something about pouring love into what we do, taking our time to think about your health, happiness, and your taste buds, that sits well with us!  

We take pride in making it conveniently quick to enjoy a homemade snack!


Our Founder

The guilt-free snack that boasts health and happiness in every bite, is the creation of New Jersey born native, Aiesha Thomas, who has been creating delightful cuisine and baked goods since her teens.  She takes food science very seriously and stands by the seal on the website’s masthead, “Committed to Quality, Committed to You.”   Taught by a host of impact mentors, she grew up with a savory grasp of the chemistry of food.    

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Breakfast of Champions...

Zucchini Bread

with Everything
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