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Sakeenah Bread Company Aiesha Thomas Che

"Best zucchini bread ever!"






To work toward the greater good for our employees, community, and environment by providing health and happiness through wholesome products that entice the taste buds and provide high levels of nutritional benefit.


Deliver Health & Happiness in Every Bite!


When I think of, or hear the words, 'do the right thing', it represents a reminder to exercise integrity in all areas and proceed with what lies ahead, ultimately knowing it will bring about the best for all involved and leave one with a feeling of guilt-free satisfaction and achievement.  The phrase applies to both the minute and the massive, a contemporary equal to the Golden Rule.

~Aiesha Thomas, Founder


Our Bakery


Sakeenah Bread is baked lovingly from a certified facility facility in Metro-Atlanta. The facility and Sakeenah Bread Company are Department of Agriculture certified and all cautionary and sanitary measures are taken as we are committed to spreading only Health & Happiness!

It all started with our original recipe.  It didn't take long for people, even those that never tasted zucchini bread before, to become our loyal customers.  Starting with the freshest zucchini and premium adds, our simplistic blend of 10 ingredients...make it 11 if you're feeling a little nutty...combine to make this bread almost addictive!

Replacing the typical breakfast breads and snacks, our blend of ingredients tops the charts over its cousins, Banana Nut Bread and Carrot Cake because of how potently healthy it is!  That's a bonus and coupled with a distinct, enjoyable taste you're sure to make a regular treat in your life.

Have questions??  Visit our INGREDIENTS Page!

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Our Products





So we heard you are no longer eating eggs, gluten, and lowering your sugar intake...we hear ya!

Even our founder has gone vegan!  We have specially crafted a solution to your snack cravings that takes into consideration your choice to opt in to optimal health.  Our Superfood Vegan recipe is for you!

A blend of Ancient Grains flour that is gluten free, coconut palm sugar that is classified as low-glycemic (that means safe for diabetics), and ground flax seed, create a tsunami of vitamins, minerals and all good stuff!  

You would think this would compromise the taste or texture?  Absolutely not!  We know everyone loves a good feeling to go with good food.  Now you have a snack you, and your body can be thankful for!!  

Vegan. Low Glycemic. Gluten Free
Our Founder


     Sakeenah Bread Company, created in 2011, has gained considerable momentum since its inception.  This guilt-free snack that boasts health and happiness in every bite, is the creation of New Jersey born native, Aiesha Thomas, who has been creating delightful cuisine and baked goods since her teens.  She takes food science very seriously and stands by the seal on the website’s masthead, “Committed to Quality, Committed to You.” 

     Aiesha grew up with a savory grasp of the chemistry of food.  However, she was determined to  become a registered nurse.  She was awarded the Schiff scholarship in 1995 for Nursing to her choice of colleges.  As life would have it, she realized that her career goals did not align with her passion.  She secured office management and administrative roles, moving on to obtain a technical certificate and progressed to become a leading project coordinator, and finally project manager.  In tandem with a developing career, she ran her own business and marketing consulting firm, Visionary Business Solutions, which later became Streamline Global, Inc. 

     After almost 10 years of erecting businesses for others, in happenstance, she created a zucchini bread recipe that was all-natural for a holiday dinner and her family and friends not only raved about it but insisted, more like demanded, that she create this recipe countless times for co-workers and their associates.  In 2018, Ms. Thomas developed a Superfood Vegan recipe that is low-glycemic and gluten free to appeal to the customers that expressed dietary restrictions, yet still consumed the bread. 

Sakeenah Bread Company has grown to serve customers throughout the United States.  Now, in its expanding stages, the owner is poised to share this staple with the population, continuing the ‘free sample spree’ to spread the joy.   She sees it as a forgotten jewel in our society and is avid about educating and sharing with all whom will try it.   In short, this owners’ journey has unquestionably been preparing her for this venture!

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